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We’re Green
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We Plant a Tree for Every Rental

As a part of our dedication to sustainability, we've implemented a unique initiative that sets us apart from traditional storage providers: for every unit rented at Green Storage, we plant a live tree. Trees are nature's air purifiers, providing oxygen, absorbing harmful carbon dioxide, and supporting biodiversity. By planting trees, we're actively contributing to the fight against climate change and promoting a healthier planet for future generations.


Geothermal is the epitome of efficient heating and cooling systems. Using the earth’s natural energy to heat or cool water that is then used to heat or cool air on the surface makes for the most efficient way of providing a climate-controlled building for self-storage. Geothermal systems are a robust investment we are proud to make. The sacrifices we make today will result in a future that will be bright and green for generations to come.

Solar Power

Most of our locations feature solar panels installed on the rooftops of each building. These solar energy systems are strategically designed to power our storage facilities, with surplus energy being fed back into the public grid. Our 120-kilowatt net metering system aims for net-zero usage, meaning it generates as much energy as the facility consumes annually. Additionally, the panels effectively deflect heat, reducing the energy consumption of our climate control systems.

Sustainable Construction

Sustainability is the cornerstone of our construction philosophy, with our sites crafted with eco-conscious principles at their core. From LED and motion-sensing lighting to cool roof systems and energy recovery ventilation systems, every detail is designed to minimize our environmental footprint. Incorporating low-flow plumbing fixtures, reusable furnace filters, and Solarban 60 insulating glass, among other initiatives, we aim to set the global standard for efficient self-storage facilities.

Community Gardens

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we joyfully cultivate vegetables and herbs on-site, which are generously shared with our clients and the local community. The Green Storage team diligently tends to these gardens, nurturing them with care and dedication. To conserve water, our gardens are equipped with rain barrels for eco-friendly watering practices.

EV Charging Stations

Each Green Storage location boasts two dedicated Level 2 EV charging stations. As a tenant, you'll enjoy exclusive complimentary access to these stations during your visits. We promote electric vehicles because they align with our commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact. By offering EV charging stations, we support cleaner transportation options and contribute to building a greener future for our communities.

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